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First Strike.

Religious beliefs and faith has always been one of the basis for judging a person. One believed in something one mocks. Yet the bottom line is, who believed in the majority always prevails and the weak minority forced to be silent. I am not against any religious beliefs. I give great respect for every person’s freedom to choose. But the only problem is, the war between every religion has been going on for as long as we know that declaring disbelief sometimes disgust a lot of people. Seriously though, don’t we all deserve the same respect? Because as far as I know, we are all just human, merely imperfect and flawed. The quality of life that you have or your status in the society  doesn’t make you any better. Like I stated, we are of the same kind. Through money or fame, we are all gonna die in the end. If it be brutal or simple, death can’t still be denied. So if your saying that because you believe in a certain thing makes you more important, then so be it. The level of your thinking is not my freaking concern. I am not saying that I am better just because I consider every aspect of the issue. I am just clearing that what I chose to believe and what I have not doesn’t count as a basis to be judged. The fact that I have decided to write this very post only caters how I don’t want to offend anyone by stating my real stand about religion. In mere truth, I have always been fascinated of why or how a person can believe in something without proof and maybe that’s the very reason why they do believe. The proof will only make them think again. And maybe they will change their minds. But whatever the reason they have for believing, for keeping the faith, for walking that very path I declined, is something I might never figure out. And just the same will happen to them. Maybe they will wonder why I chose what I did, and maybe they too will never be able to figure out.


I smile. Therefore I blog.

As the saying goes, tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are, like seriously?  Does the people you spent your time with defines who you are? Does the friends you hangout with shows your entity? Maybe it does, but not necessarily. Although it does affect what shallow people might think and say about you but the words coming from those close minded are words not worth listening to.

Whoever it was that you decided to waste your time with is not for anyone to bear. The consequences of your actions are yours and yours alone. No one can say anything against you simply because you spent your own time talking to a person, whoever that was, whatever status they may have. The things that they do is not under your control. Thus, making you free from all the judgment that comes with their identity. Spending time with a person doesn’t make you like them and being in a crowd doesn’t make you part of it.

“What you are and where you stand at the society doesn’t matter, as long as you get along fine and you don’t interfere with anybody’s business.”

i think. therefore i blog. (post two)

Ever come to the point where you question yourself for doing something repulsively but regretting it the second its done?

Weird right? But seriously, whatever people might say, whatever judgement one shall make, remember that we all have the right to change our minds according to our own impulse.

Words formed from their shallow minds are not our fault. They’re little understanding of what we do, what we believe in, what we thought was right is not their concern. In the first place, we are all born with different abilities, making everyone of us unique in our own ways. The ability, talent or skill to do one thing or another makes us differ in a way, thus, proves how simple the fact that we are built up of  altered symmetry. No one deserves to judge. No one deserves to be judged.

life sucks… most of the time.

Breathe in. Breathe out. My life is freaking good.

Inhale. Exhale. My life is awesome.

And then BOOM.

In one instant, you’ll see your almost perfect life falling apart right before your very eyes. Sucks? Hell yeah.

What sucks even more? Is that you can see it all falling but your helpless and can’t do anything about it.

Life can be good in a single breath. Life can be awesome in a single intake of air. Yet, life can be a big, stupid fail as fast as you breathe again. And you can’t do anything about it. It’s simple. Things happen not because it is meant to happen. Things happen simply because they can. No matter what you do, no matter what you believe in, it doesn’t matter. The possibility of things are still there. Whether you are ready for it or caught totally off guard, it’s not a matter of fate. Nothing happens just because we wanted it to. A few coincidence might occur every now and then, still, we can’t always expect that. We are the pilot of our own lives. Will it be good or stupid or freaking awful, no one was to be blame but ourselves. Life might be good or it might suck. Sometimes. Most of the time. All the time. Whatever. All we could do? Relax. Breathe. And see how it all plays out. Because in the end, possibilities will always be there.

life sucks. sometimes.

Remember everything that you conquer in your life and told yourself that everything happens for a reason? Well yeah, it was pretty much fulfilling right? The way you face every challenges that comes into your life so fearlessly that you, yourself became prouder than you’ve ever been. Funny though, whatever happens, happened. And after all you’ve been through, there’s still more to it.

Don’t you just want to laugh at yourself and shout at everyone, “My whole freaking life is a big joke.” After that, you’ll sit alone, looking at yourself in the mirror, thinking everything that made you strong will eventually be the reason to make you weak in the end. Sounds as if you were ready to lose your mind?

One thing to do? Accept everything open-minded. Again, whatever happens, happened. You can’t change anything, whatever you do, however you try to deny the fact. Reality will be more easy to accept if you’ll just breath in deeply, clear your mind and be done with it right away. Do not delay the reality or else your life will be frozen in a certain time and honestly, nobody wanted that.

Life isn’t fair. Everyone knows that. Yet almost everyone couldn’t accept it. Why? Because life sometimes seems too unbearable. In order to surpass that, they try to be in denial of everything. And it would just simply make their lives suck more..^_^

What to do then? Let everything happen as is. Never try to alter anything unless you can take full responsibility for it. Remember that you’ve been through a lot, a little more wouldn’t hurt or cause damage than the last one. Be aware of the people revolving around you specially those who care and give importance for your being. They will surely be there when you need them. Always keep in mind that life is not always what we expected it to be. Wear your best smile even if life sucks. Sometimes…

life sucks. so what?

Everybody seems oblivious of the real life they were living. Almost everyone live their lives as if they didn’t care about it or probably just don’t want to. Life has been good. Life has been great. That’s what they always say or probably, that was what they wanted to believe. So to say, that’s what they believe should happen.

Thinking about it, it just make us sound so hypocrite. Lying at our own faces, saying what we thought would make our lives okay. Believing that everything’s going to be alright and everything’s going to turn out fine in the end. We were all living with a big bubble in our heads as if we were on fairytale.

Maybe it was hard to accept that life has been a big disappointment. Maybe it was not wise to admit that this is not the way we expect it to be. For whatever reasons we have, it all falls down to the same thing, we were all in denial of the reality. We never wanted to take that big confession that yes, my life fucking sucks.

We never wanted to accept the truth. We never wanted to even think about it. What we always do is turn our backs from the mirror and whisper to our selves over and over until we finally convince our selves that it’s true, my life is good.

So when are we all going to learn to finally clear our heads from all the lies we’ve forged and accept that this is not never going to happen as we all desire it to. This is not a game we can control and repeat when we fail. Life is but an open book  with blank pages. Everything that’s happening will be written on it with a permanent marker that could never be erased. It could wither through time, but it will never vanish. We can all go through it again and again as we please but we will never be capable of changing what’s stated on it.

In time, we can probably be able to think freely and not depending on what we think should happen. We may even be able to accept the truth that this life is never easy. And whether the  worst happen, we will accept it as a fruit of our ignorance and ill decisions. Then we can all shout to the world, LIFE SUCKS. SO WHAT?

writing chronicles..

Writing..Writing has always been my passion..Ever since i started learning my ABC’s..Ever since i learned to write my name..I have always known that one day, i’d be a writer..But no. That doesn’t happen to me..

Just like any other kid, i learned to write with the help of my parents..In the first place, they were the one’s who taught basics before they decided to send their kids to school..I remember when my mom thought me my alphabet. I was at first, excited..I’ll be able to write just like my older siblings..In no time i’d be gone to school and be able to explore the world..I was awestruck..Any kid would..My parents would say that when i have my alphabet memorized, they’d send me school. But that was where my childhood agony started..It was fun at first..I have this new fat pencil and a fresh pad of paper..I never thought of it hard..Alphabet’s easy..I always knew it was..But after filling up four pages of that paper, after filling it up with my smudgy writing, i feel bored..If this was what writing meant, that i have to write the same stuff over and over again, i don’t want to learn it..I decided then..I despised writing..

By the time i started school, i was determined to do good on my writing again..Besides, i had my alphabet mastered..And my name too..School starts..We were asked to write our names first. I work on getting my name written..But i have never anticipated what happened next..Everyone has finished writing their name and i was just halfway through..My classmates were awed..I have the longest name..Two first names and an even longer family name..It even exceeded on the first line of my paper. It was infuriating..Yet i have no choice but to continue doing the very thing i hated..

The next few years were the same..I was forced to write..I have to..Just to get good marks at school..And to get my parents proud..I love school..I actually do..Even if i hate writing..I do love learning and i get a lot of that at school..The years went by..I was growing up and at the same time, absorbing more knowledge..I was recruited to be a member of the school publication..I was shocked..I do hated writing but apparently, i write good..My teachers saw my potential and made me one of the student journalists..It opened a whole new world..A world full of possibilities..Again, i was determined to do good..I wanted to prove them that i can do it..I was asked to write a feature news about the school..I spent hours and hours researching and making sure i get all the facts right..Then spent sleepless nights finishing my article..I was all proud when i hand it the teacher in charge of the publication..She said it was good..But she started underlining in red ink every mistakes i commit..She hand it back to me and asked that i do the necessary revisions needed..I was again discouraged..After making ten drafts and five final drafts, it was still rejected..I felt like tearing the paper into a million pieces and throwing it back to my teacher..But of course, i didn’t do that..I was never born to be a quitter..And i never did..I told myself i can do it..I will show them just how i can exceed their expectations..As much as i loathed writing, i was pretty hard headed..I made revisions over and over until i gained their appreciation..That was the first and last feature article i did for the publication..They made me do sports next..It was better..Yet i have to make quite a few adjustments with my writing techniques..Sports needed live action..The readers should feel like they were actually watching the game and not reading some boring news..That part turned out okay for me..I was starting to find writing enjoyable..

High School enters the picture..It worsen..Writing is a must..Every bit i write is a thing i learn..I have to get my notebooks filled up even before the semester ends..The more i take down notes and summarize my lessons, the higher the grade i would get when my teacher evaluates it..It sucks..I felt like a kid forced to write again..

Its a good thing i found another sanctuary then..Reading..I have always loved reading..I adored books..Pocket books and novels were famous to me that time and i become addicted to it..I didn’t know how or when but in no time, i was starting to write again..But, it was different this time..I turned my back from journalism and started my world of literature..I started to write poems, random thoughts, short stories, and even songs..

Each day i spent all my free time writing..Besides studying, it became my constant activity..I sit in front of my table facing the window and will start scribbling..It felt fulfilling to expressed what i feel through writing..I can say what i wanted to say through ink..My pen writes what my mouth can’t speak..Writing comes easy for me..It just as simple as breathing..I can fill up a whole page in a minute with my overflowing thoughts..That was one of the reason why i write..I have too many thoughts that i need to be free of..Every burden that i had could only be eased when i’m writing..Yet as expected, discrimination continues..

My family found out about what i’ve been doing..They were curious..They wanted to know what kind of things i do..I have a stack of drafts then that they unauthorizedly scanned..And another storm starts..They laugh at my work..I know im still too young and im still learning but they don’t remember that..My siblings teased me about the things ive written..They would constantly told me what a waste of time ive been doing..Not to mention, a waste of resources..But being the stubborn kid that i am, i continued what im doing..

At last someone appreciated my work..One of my classmates accidentally read one of my unfinished story..She love it..She encouraged me to continue what ive started..She told me just how few people could write the way i do..I was inspired..My piles of work flourished..I don’t care if other people criticized me..All that matters is that few did appreciate it..Few did believe..And most of all, i love what ive been doing..

My high school life ends with me being a member of the publication again and handling the sports section..At the same time, still working on my literary side..Studying and learning in the way..As i continued writing, i learn a lot of things..How my ups and down could never make me quit..

But then, a couple of weeks ago, i couldn’t write..I suffered for what is called a writer’s block..I was frustrated..My hands were itching to write but i have no idea what i would scribble..I made researches..I read articles..Yet, i couldn’t find the inspiration to write..I am starting to lose hope..All the time i spent writing, i am finally giving up..If nothing will come, might as well forget it..Nothing will be lost, i told myself..Even if i knew writing was like an oxygen that i couldn’t live without..

When i was finally ready to let go of everything..when im finally accepting the defeat and slowly quitting, a friend told me, “Just relax..It’ll come to you”..And it did..

anger management 101..

When you feel angry, don’t you just want to attack the one who makes you feel so?? Rip off their heads with your bare hands and watch them die. Or rather, poke them in the eye using any sharp-pointed object accessible and watch them bleed to death. Wouldn’t that feel fulfilling?

But that wouldn’t happen. Well, even if you could, surely you wouldn’t do it if you can still think straight. So to be able to release the steam from your already burning head, you do all weird things that would supposedly ease your tension. You start by calming yourself. Breathing in and out, in and out. And if that won’t work, you will start shouting random curses that no one will hear since you resorted to a deserted secluded place to do your shouting. That will slowly made you feel a bit better. After that comes indulging yourself in doing the things that you knew would always make you happy. Like shopping, watching your favorite film, listening to music, and even eating chocolates. Then, you were happy again. Well, you thought so. Until you suddenly saw the dreaded person who made you feel angry in the first place.

Your blood began to bubble again until it reached boiling point. Your anger level increased than before. And so, the cycle continues.


I used to hate violet. I don’t know why, but I hate it. Yet now, almost all my things are in a shade of violet.

I couldn’t stand reggae music. It sounds so funky and happy, it’s so freaking annoying to listen. But after a night on a beach listening to reggae with my friends, I learn to live with it. Decided it wasn’t so bad.

People change. It’s a fact no one can deny. They may hate one thing for a time but they would somehow end up loving it. It may not be noticeable at first, as if the person with the inevitable change couldn’t accept it. But after a while, we all just have to deal with the truth that we all change. We never stood in a corner unfazed forever. We varied. Whether for the better or for the worst, it doesn’t matter, as long as we acknowledge the change and live with it.

We shouldn’t question why everybody change, because time and a million other factors do bring that to everyone. Every change comes with consequences we have to deal with. Yet we shouldn’t be afraid to accept every changes that comes to our lives. And we shouldn’t seek reasons for it. Keep in mind that a single variation can change the whole world for the better…


this thing called love..^.^


It’s a strong positive feeling toward somebody or something. That is love according to the Encarta Dictionary, revised edition 2004. But then, we couldn’t really define love could we?

Honestly, I’ve seen love. Not love for family, friends or animals, rather love as a person towards another human being of the opposite sex. Its endearing, its tenderly affectionate, its full of passion.

Love looks great. Seeing couples enjoying each other’s company. It’s kinda mushy but i guess nobody notices that when they’re in love. A lot of people fall in love so easily. It’s probably all in a matter of attraction. Maybe it was something like, if you’re always together, you eventually fall in love with each other. Or maybe it was the mystery of love itself that no one in this world will ever figure out.

Come to think of it, love happens when you least expect it. Of course no one can plan love. Nobody can say they should fall in love with this person in this given time. It’s weird really, how people can fall in love in an instant. And weirder still, how one can fall out of it in a sudden. Just another question for the four letter word everyone knew. Love.

A lot of people experience this utterly amazing thing, yet a lot don’t. It’s true. There are people who never fell in love. Maybe a little attraction and a spoonful of likes but love remains out of the picture. Nobody can say for sure why it happens. It just does. It’s a simple balance in this world that some can and will fall in love and some just don’t.

So when love comes, we should always grab the opportunity. Never let the chance pass. It may knocks only once and stay for all eternity or it may simply fade. But we shouldn’t really care. Love will come and we should just let it swept us away, flow with it and let it do its magic. Because whatever happens, at least we let ourselves love and not live with regret forever.