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Its unlikely for me to publish unfinish pieces but I may not be able to finish this poem without you. So I’m posting this now, no edits or revision. Just a glance of how it was and a question of what would have happened..


Oceans between, oceans apart,
You close your eyes and imagine the warmth.
Oceans away and with oceans apart.
Yet I wonder why you have my heart..

I have the sun, you have the moon,
You’ll have your stars in time for my noon.
The coldness of your weather, and heat of mine,
We speak of whatever regardless of time.

The brightness of my day, the darkness of yours.
Not a parallel universe, not even close.
Thinking of this, it makes my head spin,
How the friendship grew like its out of a tin.



It was no use moping around.
It was always better to stand your ground and show them you can do it.
It was no use fighting verbally.
They wouldn’t understand anything unless they listen.
It was no use telling them your right.
Give them the chance to realize  their own mistake.
It was no use showing them the truth.
They live in lies and lies keep them alive.
It was no use trying to make them believe.
Close minded people are not supposed to believe you.
It was no use proving them your perspective in life.
They will never understand and you’ll just be wasting your time.
It was no use proving yourself to them.
Their ill knowledge is not worth your intellect.
It was no use making them see what you really are.
Their wrong perception of your entity is not your burden to bear.
It was no use reading this written words,
If you have no plan to stop listening to every stupid criticism from them.
And there’ll be no change if you’ll just simply ignore their words.
Create your own world.
Do what makes you alive.
And start living a real life.

I’m no poet..

I don’t write poems.
I can’t mix words.
I can’t do this.
All I have here is this thought.
This freaking thought that somehow, words will appear.
That in some enchanted way,
I’ll just find myself spilling all this words from my mind.
And I’ll find this poem,
On a fresh sheet of paper, written by me.
This poem that somehow made sense.
That somehow, represents what I feel.
But I can’t write a poem.
All I can do, is put this jumbled words together.
With no clear thought. with no clear theme.
And people will never understand.
Which in the end will make perfect sense.
Because I don’t write poems.

my unfazed world..

my world feels too small.

i looked around and saw almost nothing.

my sight is limited, my surroundings looked tight.

other people’s world feels too big,

compared to my own little world,

its empty. barren. stupid.

my world flows on constant.

always the same things happen,

always the same place to go,

the same things to do.

i’m trapped in my own world and there’s no way to escape it.

i’ve heard this planet has too much yet to offer,

perhaps my world will soon evolve.

in time, maybe it will grow.

but when will that be?

it already feels as if my time’s nearly done.

yet im still right here, trapped and unfazed.

never do that..

you always find a way to make my day gloomier,

you always know the words to say to turn my life a little like hell,

it always seem pointless to argue because you wouldn’t listen,

no use of screaming because you won’t hear a thing.

you’ll just shut your eyes and put a finger through your ears,

while i explain, you go on with making me feel shame,

you can make my life uglier,

you can make my world smaller.

you can turn my back from me and make me taste hate,

that’s why sometimes, it just felt so easy to blame you for everything..

it felt good to blame you.

but i won’t do that.

i’ll never do that…

sa hinaharap..

paano nagsimula ang lahat ng ito?

kailan nagsimulang umikot ang kapalaran?

siguro ‘di na natin ‘to malalaman,

siguro ‘di na rin masasagot ang mga katanungan.

nabubuhay tayo sa mundong walang katiyakan,

‘di natin alam ang mangyayari kinabukasan.

‘di na kayang siguraduhin ng kahit sino man,

ang hinaharap, walang nakakaalam.

ang iba’y natatakot,  ang iba’y matatapang,

ang iba’y nangangarap, at iba’y walang pakialam.

pikit-matang susuungin ang kahit na ano,

mahanap lang ang kasagutan na tunay at totoo.

kahit na ano pa man ang darating sa hinaharap,

tanggalin ang takot dahil tapang ang nararapat.

huwag ng isipin pa at mag-alinlangan,

unti-unting tuparin ang pangarap na pinanghahawakan.

its hard..

its hard to assume…

no matter confident i am with myself,

no matter how redundant i can be,

telling myself never to do it again,

still, i find myself assuming.

it wouldn’t have been this painful,

if only it was still containable.

but just like an airborne virus out in the open,

i found myself hurting,

i realized im suffocating.

it wouldn’t have been much trouble,

yet assuming never really bring good.

then i found myself in regret.

with remorse.

and i start all over again,

telling myself the same thing.

its hard to assume…

this silence..

i don’t have a life.

i am lifeless.

not literally meaning to since i am still here breathing,

but referring to a life that i have adequately dreamnt of.

the dreams i was so keen about,

making sure i got all my perspective straight,

making sure i don’t let go,

that i constantly held on.

my life is built on dreams.

but as i continue chasing my dreams,

the very dream took steps away from me.

as i edge closer to them,

it was as if they broke into a run eluding me.

and now i can’t gel hold of them.

it seems impossible to grasp those dreams now.

odds are they will stay dreams for as long as i live.

they will never be a reality until i’m gone.

i don’t have life anymore.

the lights are closing out on me,

and i couldn’t help but wonder for the last time,

why am i lifeless?