First Strike.

Religious beliefs and faith has always been one of the basis for judging a person. One believed in something one mocks. Yet the bottom line is, who believed in the majority always prevails and the weak minority forced to be silent. I am not against any religious beliefs. I give great respect for every person’s freedom to choose. But the only problem is, the war between every religion has been going on for as long as we know that declaring disbelief sometimes disgust a lot of people. Seriously though, don’t we all deserve the same respect? Because as far as I know, we are all just human, merely imperfect and flawed. The quality of life that you have or your status in the society¬† doesn’t make you any better. Like I stated, we are of the same kind. Through money or fame, we are all gonna die in the end. If it be brutal or simple, death can’t still be denied. So if your saying that because you believe in a certain thing makes you more important, then so be it. The level of your thinking is not my freaking concern. I am not saying that I am better just because I consider every aspect of the issue. I am just clearing that what I chose to believe and what I have not doesn’t count as a basis to be judged. The fact that I have decided to write this very post only caters how I don’t want to offend anyone by stating my real stand about religion. In mere truth, I have always been fascinated of why or how a person can believe in something without proof and maybe that’s the very reason why they do believe. The proof will only make them think again. And maybe they will change their minds. But whatever the reason they have for believing, for keeping the faith, for walking that very path I declined, is something I might never figure out. And just the same will happen to them. Maybe they will wonder why I chose what I did, and maybe they too will never be able to figure out.


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