I smile. Therefore I blog.

As the saying goes, tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are, like seriously?  Does the people you spent your time with defines who you are? Does the friends you hangout with shows your entity? Maybe it does, but not necessarily. Although it does affect what shallow people might think and say about you but the words coming from those close minded are words not worth listening to.

Whoever it was that you decided to waste your time with is not for anyone to bear. The consequences of your actions are yours and yours alone. No one can say anything against you simply because you spent your own time talking to a person, whoever that was, whatever status they may have. The things that they do is not under your control. Thus, making you free from all the judgment that comes with their identity. Spending time with a person doesn’t make you like them and being in a crowd doesn’t make you part of it.

“What you are and where you stand at the society doesn’t matter, as long as you get along fine and you don’t interfere with anybody’s business.”


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