chapter 4..

How I got thru the morning was a big question. All I remember was Jake dragging me out of bed and shoving breakfast in front of my face.

“Eat up. were going to school in an hour?” He said, fumbling over the sink. I must have a  looked at him in an odd way because he raised an eyebrow before he continued. “What? We should at least get you educated or something.”

“Are you like, serious??” He nodded slowly. “But you know I havent had any memories back.Yet.”

“So? It doesn’t mean you don’t remember anything academically.”

He does have a point. “But – “

“Besides, getting your world back on track might even trigger your memories back.”

“And why would you think that?”

He was peeling a banana and bit before answering. “Well, it was likely a routine in your past life. I mean, you go to school before. And it will be like doing stuff you used to do. You might, should remember something.”

“What if I don’t go to school before? Maybe I don’t go at all?”

Jake sighed. “Seriously Erin. If you don’t go to school, what else would you have been doing in your life?”

Good question. I considered my options and shrugged at him.

“Okay. We’ll sign you up for school and get started in two weeks.” He said grinning.

I have nothing to do but nod. But there was this itching in the back of my mind telling me I haven’t been to school. Like I said, I don’t go at all. Jake’s question flashed into my mind though. What would I have been doing in my life?

The big brass gate of the school, Northwood Academy look nothing familiar. Everything looks too foreign. Even the students littering the school. Jake wasted no time touring me around and signing me up to open classes. I’ve got nothing on my hands for a record but Jake fixed that up by saying I’ve lost all my important papers and they miraculously fall for that. No questions asked, I was to be a junior like Jake. He said we’ve got to have classes together and same lunch period. I didn’t say anything, I’ve got a feeling he would be granted what he wanted anyway. That was one more thing to think about, I’ve got this hunch on every moment. Its weird. Everytime I get this hunch of what would happen, that’s exactly how it will go. Like I could somehow predict the future.

Jake and I were walking towards the parking lot. He was mumbling about books we needed to buy and stuff I needed when I felt eyes on me. I stopped on my tracks and looked around. “What?” Jake asked.

“Hold up.” I replied, scanning the whole place. A lot of students were lingering at the parking lot talking and laughing but no one seemed to be paying more attention than necessary on them. She was about to turn back towards the car when someone tapped her shoulder, irrevocably sending electrical sparks through her body.

“Iris.” The boy asked. He looked unusually foreign to her. He was six feet tall towering over her with his black jet hair and bright, bright blue eyes. And did he just call her another name? Does he knew her?

Jake was now looking at both of them expectantly.

“My name is Erin..” I said hesitantly.

The boys eyes widen. “Oh.” he said. “Oh, um. I thought.. I’m sorry, I must have mistaken you for a different person.” He looked awfully honest but there was something weird about his eyes. Like it was giving her some other answer.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m sorry, I thought you were this friend I haven’t seen in a lifetime.” And he turned and walked away cooly. As if nothing just happened.

“Do you know him?” Jake asked. I shook my head. “Are you certain? Don’t he look familiar to you or anything?” I shook my head again. “Because seriously he does look at you like he was so sure he knew you.”

That was what I’m thinking but I shook my head on the idea. “No. I don’t think so.” I was  still looking at the boy when he entered his jeep glancing my way one last time before he drove away.

Jake didn’t mention it again on the way home. He just went on telling me about school and places near it without me paying attention. The encounter with the boy wast still playing on her mind in repeat. There was something else in the way he called her that name. Iris. And there was definitely something beneath when he denied it. Thinking of it makes my head spin. I have to see that boy again. I have to talk to him. I have about a hundred questions I needed answers. And maybe that boy was the start for me to find my memory back. To find my life back.


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