chapter 3..

It’s been a year since I woke up in this place bearing no memory at all. Jake’s place to be exact. I have no idea who I was or where I am from, or even why I existed without identity, all I know is that Jake welcomed me into his house, his life, his world.

I looked around this four corners of private space he had granted me. The first time I was here, it felt too foreign. In months though, I’ve grown so accustomed to this room, it felt like it is a place I own. It wasn’t mine technically, yet I nested on it for a while now, specially on times when I know nothing but confusion.

It’s three in the morning and I’m still awake. I could hear Jake’s shallow breathing from his room loud and clear. It was weird how he could easily fell asleep even with a stranger inside his house. But Jake doesn’t judge people. He trust his better judgment. And I’m glad for that. I’m lucky for that.

Today officially marks one year here. Just like the first time I woke up in this place, I still don’t remember anything from my past. We, Jake and I tried for months to look for clues of who I really am. As if I just magically appeared out of thin air, there was no trace of me anywhere. No family. No friends. No missing person named Erin. Apparently I don’t exist.

Jake given up trying to find out anything about my past, said I should just accept the present. Told me that I’m just any other human being like him. But the thing is, I am nothing like him.

This fact was something I haven’t had the courage to tell him. I tried. God knows I did. But Jake didn’t seem to believe me. Even joked about me being an alien from another planet. And because of my questioned past and unexplainable indifference from him, I was in a brink of believing him myself.

I sighed and sat up taking in the room for a millionth time. The gray wall, the black furnitures and even the wooden floors, it was the only thing that I will remember for such a long time.

And then I heard it. Outside. From across the street. By the big sycamore tree. I hesitantly walked over the window and stared outside. It was dark. I couldn’t make out the face but I could have sworn someone was there. Someone by the tree, staring at my direction. I shivered involuntarily, blinked and squinted my eyes trying to see who it might be. But as if it was just my mere imagination, the figure was gone.


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