It was no use moping around.
It was always better to stand your ground and show them you can do it.
It was no use fighting verbally.
They wouldn’t understand anything unless they listen.
It was no use telling them your right.
Give them the chance to realize  their own mistake.
It was no use showing them the truth.
They live in lies and lies keep them alive.
It was no use trying to make them believe.
Close minded people are not supposed to believe you.
It was no use proving them your perspective in life.
They will never understand and you’ll just be wasting your time.
It was no use proving yourself to them.
Their ill knowledge is not worth your intellect.
It was no use making them see what you really are.
Their wrong perception of your entity is not your burden to bear.
It was no use reading this written words,
If you have no plan to stop listening to every stupid criticism from them.
And there’ll be no change if you’ll just simply ignore their words.
Create your own world.
Do what makes you alive.
And start living a real life.

2 thoughts on “useless..

  1. matt says:

    i love love love this poem more than u can even imagine

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