the song you’ll never sing [revised]

What would you say if I told you the truth?
What would you do if I ask you a million questions?
If I give you my heart, will you be willing to do the same?
You stood there with your eyes wide open,
But this words I wanna hear will you ever speak it?
I wanna hold your hand forever,
Together we’ll stay like this,
Your fears shall fade away,
I’ll smile for you whatever they say,
I’ll take the edges from your heart,
Your world will never fell apart,
But this is the song you’ll never sing.
If forever will be like this, will you live it with me?
If it turn out not the way we expect it, is it still name you’ll be screaming?
Is it still my hand you’ll be holding?
You stood inches away from me,
But this words I needed still you can’t speak it.
10:18 pm

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