life sucks. sometimes.

Remember everything that you conquer in your life and told yourself that everything happens for a reason? Well yeah, it was pretty much fulfilling right? The way you face every challenges that comes into your life so fearlessly that you, yourself became prouder than you’ve ever been. Funny though, whatever happens, happened. And after all you’ve been through, there’s still more to it.

Don’t you just want to laugh at yourself and shout at everyone, “My whole freaking life is a big joke.” After that, you’ll sit alone, looking at yourself in the mirror, thinking everything that made you strong will eventually be the reason to make you weak in the end. Sounds as if you were ready to lose your mind?

One thing to do? Accept everything open-minded. Again, whatever happens, happened. You can’t change anything, whatever you do, however you try to deny the fact. Reality will be more easy to accept if you’ll just breath in deeply, clear your mind and be done with it right away. Do not delay the reality or else your life will be frozen in a certain time and honestly, nobody wanted that.

Life isn’t fair. Everyone knows that. Yet almost everyone couldn’t accept it. Why? Because life sometimes seems too unbearable. In order to surpass that, they try to be in denial of everything. And it would just simply make their lives suck more..^_^

What to do then? Let everything happen as is. Never try to alter anything unless you can take full responsibility for it. Remember that you’ve been through a lot, a little more wouldn’t hurt or cause damage than the last one. Be aware of the people revolving around you specially those who care and give importance for your being. They will surely be there when you need them. Always keep in mind that life is not always what we expected it to be. Wear your best smile even if life sucks. Sometimes…


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