chapter 2..

I open my eyes with a start. I can only see darkness. It was weird. I remember a certain kind of brightness but now it was all gone. I am nowhere I was supposed to, I can sense. But I don’t know where I was. OK. This is getting way too disturbing. Let’s get to the facts. I have to evaluate my knowledge in order to get the answers I needed.
My name is Erin. Or something like that. I forgot. I don’t know. But I did remember Erin. So I have to stick with that. I am from earth. Not sure where exactly but I knew I belong to this exact place somehow. This mind games seems to suddenly get out of hand now. So I don’t remember anything besides the name Erin. It is my name. It has to be.

A flick of light switch somewhere and the room is flooded with light from the hallway. The first thing I saw was a window right across from me. I am sitting at a couch across the window.
A dozen or so paintings hanging from the wall all around. It looks some kind of a studio. I’m not sure. But a few paints and brushes littered the room so I should have been right about that.

There were footsteps  from the hallway nearing this very studio. Whoever was coming might know something. I can ask him. Or her.

The shadow of the figure was what I saw first. It’s an him, I can tell from the muscles that the shadow gave away. He walked straight to the room and immediately saw me. His eyes widening at the sight. Mine taking in all of him.

He look young. 17 or 18. He’s tall and got a lean body. He doesn’t have a shirt on so I could tell by the look at it that he has been working out to achieve that kind of body. His short brown hair rumpled and has that slept on look. He continued to look at me before fumbling the wall for the light switch and flicking it open.

“Who are you?” he asked.

He didn’t know me either. I’m in trouble.

“I’m – “

“What are you doing here?” he asked again. Looking at me suspiciously with those golden brown eyes and long lashes.


“How did you get in? I locked the door before I sleep and it’s still locked. How did you – “

“God, can you let me speak first? Your firing questions like –  Sorry. Just let me speak first okay?” I am getting anxious of the situation and it wouldn’t do me good if he just stood there interrogating me.

He looked shocked. But slowly nodded. “Okay.” He answered in a soft voice. He sat down at a chair across me ready to hear any explanation I have to say.

I took a deep breath before I start speaking. “Okay. Thank you.” And even though I am totally lost here like he was, I managed to give him a warm smile. “I’m Erin. Or what I knew I was supposed to be. Honestly, I didn’t know what I am doing here, how I got inside your house or even what am I supposed to do here.” His eyes was fixed on me, probing. “I woke up here, a few minutes ago, bearing no memory. Of anything. “

“No memory?” he asked.

I slowly nodded. “Nothing. I’m not even sure if Erin is really my name. It’s the only thing I remember so I assumed it was mine.”

“So, you don’t remember how you wound up in my house in the middle of the night?” he asked.

“No. Nothing.”

He stared at me for what felt like five whole minutes before he sighed and stared some more. Probably weighing his options. I know he thinks I am lying. Well, I don’t have to. I didn’t know anything. I don’t remember anything.

Finally..finally, he sighed and gestured for the door. He’s kicking me out. I’m doomed.

I don’t have a choice but to follow him out. In my surprise though, I found him at the kitchen.

“Take a seat.” he told me. He was busy fumbling over the sink.

A couple of minutes later, he was pouring me a cup of hot chocolate, smelling nice and good to my nose.

I seep mine slowly, avoiding staring at him. He was still shirtless and by the look at it, he doesn’t really mind.

“I’ll ask you one thing.” he began. “You don’t really remember anything? I mean, your place? Full name? Anything?”

I slowly shook my head.

He stared at me. Scrutinizing. “Okay. There’s a spare room at the second floor on the right. You can stay there for the meantime. Your tired. You should rest and hopefully, you’ll remember something tomorrow.”

I lay in bed focusing on remembering anything about myself. Anything would do. I have to remember, I keep telling myself.


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