091210 1:25pm

I used to believe in this. I used to tell myself the same words over and over, thinking that I should never give up believing in it. That every person, no matter how bad they can be, there’s still a tiny fringe of goodness left in them. But the very thing that I believed in dissolved when I have a taste of betrayal. Altering the very thought and making me decide that however good a person used to be, the goodness in them are eaten up and swallowed by the bad things they’ve done.

A day after I decided to resist any virtual contact from friends, I noticed a lot of changes. I was being aware of the reality in my life and every thing that happens in my world. I noticed things that I don’t give a damn before because I was preoccupied by my phone or thinking of conversations I had. It was weird at first. I felt secluded and detached from the world that I have conveniently lived in. But embracing the fact that I chose this to happen, I started to accept what people really mean in my world.I used to see this world from a negative angle, but now, I can feel it revolving and taking a positive turn.

People may not be good at all times. People may not be good as when we expect them to be. But despite all the wrong in this world, there are still those good people trying to make it right.


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