071210 1:11pm

“What I wouldn’t give to have their life..”

I told myself this once. Only once. When my world felt all too wrong. When I thought the only solution is to have a new life. A perfect life of someone else. Not the life that I despise.

Looking up from the people I envy, I told myself I’d be willing to give anything, everything just to be able to live a life they have. I am willing to sacrifice everything to experience their existence that seems perfect to my eyes.

But knowing myself more than I thought, I realized I don’t really mean a thing from what I said. I am not capable of sacrificing any part of my world to live a life that isn’t mine. I am not willing to give anything just to escape my life, however I despise it.

Yes, my life sucks. At the moment it does. But in time it will change. In time it will be as perfect as theirs. And when that happens, I wouldn’t live with any regrets that would make me want to wish to have my old life back again.


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