life sucks. so what?

Everybody seems oblivious of the real life they were living. Almost everyone live their lives as if they didn’t care about it or probably just don’t want to. Life has been good. Life has been great. That’s what they always say or probably, that was what they wanted to believe. So to say, that’s what they believe should happen.

Thinking about it, it just make us sound so hypocrite. Lying at our own faces, saying what we thought would make our lives okay. Believing that everything’s going to be alright and everything’s going to turn out fine in the end. We were all living with a big bubble in our heads as if we were on fairytale.

Maybe it was hard to accept that life has been a big disappointment. Maybe it was not wise to admit that this is not the way we expect it to be. For whatever reasons we have, it all falls down to the same thing, we were all in denial of the reality. We never wanted to take that big confession that yes, my life fucking sucks.

We never wanted to accept the truth. We never wanted to even think about it. What we always do is turn our backs from the mirror and whisper to our selves over and over until we finally convince our selves that it’s true, my life is good.

So when are we all going to learn to finally clear our heads from all the lies we’ve forged and accept that this is not never going to happen as we all desire it to. This is not a game we can control and repeat when we fail. Life is but an open book  with blank pages. Everything that’s happening will be written on it with a permanent marker that could never be erased. It could wither through time, but it will never vanish. We can all go through it again and again as we please but we will never be capable of changing what’s stated on it.

In time, we can probably be able to think freely and not depending on what we think should happen. We may even be able to accept the truth that this life is never easy. And whether the  worst happen, we will accept it as a fruit of our ignorance and ill decisions. Then we can all shout to the world, LIFE SUCKS. SO WHAT?


One thought on “life sucks. so what?

  1. nicole says:

    salamat sa mga ng’view..:)

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