writing chronicles..

Writing..Writing has always been my passion..Ever since i started learning my ABC’s..Ever since i learned to write my name..I have always known that one day, i’d be a writer..But no. That doesn’t happen to me..

Just like any other kid, i learned to write with the help of my parents..In the first place, they were the one’s who taught basics before they decided to send their kids to school..I remember when my mom thought me my alphabet. I was at first, excited..I’ll be able to write just like my older siblings..In no time i’d be gone to school and be able to explore the world..I was awestruck..Any kid would..My parents would say that when i have my alphabet memorized, they’d send me school. But that was where my childhood agony started..It was fun at first..I have this new fat pencil and a fresh pad of paper..I never thought of it hard..Alphabet’s easy..I always knew it was..But after filling up four pages of that paper, after filling it up with my smudgy writing, i feel bored..If this was what writing meant, that i have to write the same stuff over and over again, i don’t want to learn it..I decided then..I despised writing..

By the time i started school, i was determined to do good on my writing again..Besides, i had my alphabet mastered..And my name too..School starts..We were asked to write our names first. I work on getting my name written..But i have never anticipated what happened next..Everyone has finished writing their name and i was just halfway through..My classmates were awed..I have the longest name..Two first names and an even longer family name..It even exceeded on the first line of my paper. It was infuriating..Yet i have no choice but to continue doing the very thing i hated..

The next few years were the same..I was forced to write..I have to..Just to get good marks at school..And to get my parents proud..I love school..I actually do..Even if i hate writing..I do love learning and i get a lot of that at school..The years went by..I was growing up and at the same time, absorbing more knowledge..I was recruited to be a member of the school publication..I was shocked..I do hated writing but apparently, i write good..My teachers saw my potential and made me one of the student journalists..It opened a whole new world..A world full of possibilities..Again, i was determined to do good..I wanted to prove them that i can do it..I was asked to write a feature news about the school..I spent hours and hours researching and making sure i get all the facts right..Then spent sleepless nights finishing my article..I was all proud when i hand it the teacher in charge of the publication..She said it was good..But she started underlining in red ink every mistakes i commit..She hand it back to me and asked that i do the necessary revisions needed..I was again discouraged..After making ten drafts and five final drafts, it was still rejected..I felt like tearing the paper into a million pieces and throwing it back to my teacher..But of course, i didn’t do that..I was never born to be a quitter..And i never did..I told myself i can do it..I will show them just how i can exceed their expectations..As much as i loathed writing, i was pretty hard headed..I made revisions over and over until i gained their appreciation..That was the first and last feature article i did for the publication..They made me do sports next..It was better..Yet i have to make quite a few adjustments with my writing techniques..Sports needed live action..The readers should feel like they were actually watching the game and not reading some boring news..That part turned out okay for me..I was starting to find writing enjoyable..

High School enters the picture..It worsen..Writing is a must..Every bit i write is a thing i learn..I have to get my notebooks filled up even before the semester ends..The more i take down notes and summarize my lessons, the higher the grade i would get when my teacher evaluates it..It sucks..I felt like a kid forced to write again..

Its a good thing i found another sanctuary then..Reading..I have always loved reading..I adored books..Pocket books and novels were famous to me that time and i become addicted to it..I didn’t know how or when but in no time, i was starting to write again..But, it was different this time..I turned my back from journalism and started my world of literature..I started to write poems, random thoughts, short stories, and even songs..

Each day i spent all my free time writing..Besides studying, it became my constant activity..I sit in front of my table facing the window and will start scribbling..It felt fulfilling to expressed what i feel through writing..I can say what i wanted to say through ink..My pen writes what my mouth can’t speak..Writing comes easy for me..It just as simple as breathing..I can fill up a whole page in a minute with my overflowing thoughts..That was one of the reason why i write..I have too many thoughts that i need to be free of..Every burden that i had could only be eased when i’m writing..Yet as expected, discrimination continues..

My family found out about what i’ve been doing..They were curious..They wanted to know what kind of things i do..I have a stack of drafts then that they unauthorizedly scanned..And another storm starts..They laugh at my work..I know im still too young and im still learning but they don’t remember that..My siblings teased me about the things ive written..They would constantly told me what a waste of time ive been doing..Not to mention, a waste of resources..But being the stubborn kid that i am, i continued what im doing..

At last someone appreciated my work..One of my classmates accidentally read one of my unfinished story..She love it..She encouraged me to continue what ive started..She told me just how few people could write the way i do..I was inspired..My piles of work flourished..I don’t care if other people criticized me..All that matters is that few did appreciate it..Few did believe..And most of all, i love what ive been doing..

My high school life ends with me being a member of the publication again and handling the sports section..At the same time, still working on my literary side..Studying and learning in the way..As i continued writing, i learn a lot of things..How my ups and down could never make me quit..

But then, a couple of weeks ago, i couldn’t write..I suffered for what is called a writer’s block..I was frustrated..My hands were itching to write but i have no idea what i would scribble..I made researches..I read articles..Yet, i couldn’t find the inspiration to write..I am starting to lose hope..All the time i spent writing, i am finally giving up..If nothing will come, might as well forget it..Nothing will be lost, i told myself..Even if i knew writing was like an oxygen that i couldn’t live without..

When i was finally ready to let go of everything..when im finally accepting the defeat and slowly quitting, a friend told me, “Just relax..It’ll come to you”..And it did..


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