Disappointment comes when we least expect it. We never really knew it coming when all of a sudden, the hopes you’ve been holding on for so long  melted away right before your face. Maybe it was meant to happen or maybe it was a sheer strike of  bad luck. No one can say for sure. We’ll just know it was fated to occur when it happened. Whether we’re ready or not to face it, it doesn’t matter. Nobody can stop something from happening and we don’t have anything to do about it but to slowly and painfully accept it when it does. But wouldn’t you feel betrayed? Betrayed that something that bad would happen in an instant catching  you offguard and blinding your eyes. Doesn’t it felt hard to swallow when all you can think about was that it hurts so badly? And worse is that you can’t do anything about it. Worst still is you have to suffer accepting it and facing whatever it may bring to your life. You may feel nothing but hatred but you will realize that it wouldn’t help a bit feeling that way. So what does it left you to do, to feel, to think? Nothing. Your left hallowed and empty. Deprived of all emotions. The thing that once made you feel complete slowly made your life into a big disappointment and you don’t have anything left to do to take it back. Sounds awful right? But what can we do? It’s part of living a life. And however we try to forget it, to put it off our minds and pretend it doesn’t exist, it is a reality we must all learn to face.


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