never do that..

you always find a way to make my day gloomier,

you always know the words to say to turn my life a little like hell,

it always seem pointless to argue because you wouldn’t listen,

no use of screaming because you won’t hear a thing.

you’ll just shut your eyes and put a finger through your ears,

while i explain, you go on with making me feel shame,

you can make my life uglier,

you can make my world smaller.

you can turn my back from me and make me taste hate,

that’s why sometimes, it just felt so easy to blame you for everything..

it felt good to blame you.

but i won’t do that.

i’ll never do that…


2 thoughts on “never do that..

  1. Howdy there, are you having difficulties with the hosting? I needed to refresh the page about huge number of times in order to get the page to run!

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