anger management 101..

When you feel angry, don’t you just want to attack the one who makes you feel so?? Rip off their heads with your bare hands and watch them die. Or rather, poke them in the eye using any sharp-pointed object accessible and watch them bleed to death. Wouldn’t that feel fulfilling?

But that wouldn’t happen. Well, even if you could, surely you wouldn’t do it if you can still think straight. So to be able to release the steam from your already burning head, you do all weird things that would supposedly ease your tension. You start by calming yourself. Breathing in and out, in and out. And if that won’t work, you will start shouting random curses that no one will hear since you resorted to a deserted secluded place to do your shouting. That will slowly made you feel a bit better. After that comes indulging yourself in doing the things that you knew would always make you happy. Like shopping, watching your favorite film, listening to music, and even eating chocolates. Then, you were happy again. Well, you thought so. Until you suddenly saw the dreaded person who made you feel angry in the first place.

Your blood began to bubble again until it reached boiling point. Your anger level increased than before. And so, the cycle continues.


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