this thing called love..^.^


It’s a strong positive feeling toward somebody or something. That is love according to the Encarta Dictionary, revised edition 2004. But then, we couldn’t really define love could we?

Honestly, I’ve seen love. Not love for family, friends or animals, rather love as a person towards another human being of the opposite sex. Its endearing, its tenderly affectionate, its full of passion.

Love looks great. Seeing couples enjoying each other’s company. It’s kinda mushy but i guess nobody notices that when they’re in love. A lot of people fall in love so easily. It’s probably all in a matter of attraction. Maybe it was something like, if you’re always together, you eventually fall in love with each other. Or maybe it was the mystery of love itself that no one in this world will ever figure out.

Come to think of it, love happens when you least expect it. Of course no one can plan love. Nobody can say they should fall in love with this person in this given time. It’s weird really, how people can fall in love in an instant. And weirder still, how one can fall out of it in a sudden. Just another question for the four letter word everyone knew. Love.

A lot of people experience this utterly amazing thing, yet a lot don’t. It’s true. There are people who never fell in love. Maybe a little attraction and a spoonful of likes but love remains out of the picture. Nobody can say for sure why it happens. It just does. It’s a simple balance in this world that some can and will fall in love and some just don’t.

So when love comes, we should always grab the opportunity. Never let the chance pass. It may knocks only once and stay for all eternity or it may simply fade. But we shouldn’t really care. Love will come and we should just let it swept us away, flow with it and let it do its magic. Because whatever happens, at least we let ourselves love and not live with regret forever.


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