this silence..

i don’t have a life.

i am lifeless.

not literally meaning to since i am still here breathing,

but referring to a life that i have adequately dreamnt of.

the dreams i was so keen about,

making sure i got all my perspective straight,

making sure i don’t let go,

that i constantly held on.

my life is built on dreams.

but as i continue chasing my dreams,

the very dream took steps away from me.

as i edge closer to them,

it was as if they broke into a run eluding me.

and now i can’t gel hold of them.

it seems impossible to grasp those dreams now.

odds are they will stay dreams for as long as i live.

they will never be a reality until i’m gone.

i don’t have life anymore.

the lights are closing out on me,

and i couldn’t help but wonder for the last time,

why am i lifeless?


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